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Chicken Cheese Roll Ups

Simple, protein packed dinner. I used 2 oz of sliced chicken lunch meat and spread one Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedge on the slices, rolled them up, and browned them with a little no stick cooking spray in a pan. Came out resembling taquitos and the hot melted cheese was delicious! I served them up with 1 tablespoon on guacamole for a tasty dinner coming out at 118 calories and 13 protein!




Hair Loss



Here’s a question a lot of pre-ops have. How bad is the hair loss? Well, for me I started losing around 2 months post op. Now, a month later I have approximately half of what I originally had. Granted, I had a LOT of hair before, so it’s not that noticeable… yet. If it keeps coming our at this rate it will be, but only time will tell. For someone who has always had very thick hair, suddenly seeing your scalp is a little unnerving, but it’s part of the journey and part of the sacrifice I chose to make for this weight loss.


Turkey Bacon Crackers

I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately regarding how I make my turkey bacon cracker substitutes. The answer really isn’t straight forward enough to give a simple “recipe”, but I’ll try anyways!

I  use Butterball Lower Sodium Turkey Bacon Рbut any should do!

Lay the bacon flat on a plate and microwave! Yup, that simple… and yet difficult at the same time. There is a fine line to catch the turkey bacon after it is no longer limp, but before it comes burnt. It may take you a few tries to figure out where this place is, but once you do it will come easily. What I do is listen for when the sizzling slows down significantly. When it sounds like it is soon going to stop sizzling, that is where your bacon has reached peak crispy wonderfulness, but has not yet burnt. Time varies wildly depending on microwave and how many pieces of bacon you cook at once, so listening (and looking!) is really the key here. Once they have cooled off I break them into smaller pieces and enjoy! They also stay crispy in a Tupperware in the fridge for days.

These cracker alternatives are great with cheese, tuna, chicken salad, or just about any other way you’d use a cracker!

Bacon Crackers

with cheese!

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I’m Back!

So, the last time I worked on my blog was when I was pre-op. It’s been a crazy long time and life has been crazy busy too. Shortly after starting this blog I decided to start sharing my journey on YouTube, and quickly I gave up updating this blog since it was much more time consuming. However, recently, I have found that I could use this blog for things that I find people value and that I get asked about constantly. I will be using the blog less to chronicle my everyday VSG journey and instead using it to post information YOU want to see. To start taking this blog in a new direction, I have posted my weight log, as the progression of weight loss is something I am asked about a lot. I am planning on sharing recipes and ideas soon as well. I welcome any and all suggestions for what you would like to see on my blog in the upcoming months!

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Month Two Visit

I had my second monthly visit at school since I go to school too far away from home to go see my family doctor. This visit was two sided. On one part, the nurse who was working with me was very negative towards me and what I was doing. I definitely think she crossed a boundary and if she didn’t agree with it, that she should have shut up and done her job, which was to get my weight and move on with her day. That got me a little down about the visit, but luckily the receptionist there had had a sleeve and was so excited for me! I’m grateful that I didn’t just get the negative Nelly, since there are always going to be people out there who know someone whose friend’s mother’s sister’s cousin had a bad experience with weight loss surgery years ago.