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Hair Loss




Here’s a question a lot of pre-ops have. How bad is the hair loss? Well, for me I started losing around 2 months post op. Now, a month later I have approximately half of what I originally had. Granted, I had a LOT of hair before, so it’s not that noticeable… yet. If it keeps coming our at this rate it will be, but only time will tell. For someone who has always had very thick hair, suddenly seeing your scalp is a little unnerving, but it’s part of the journey and part of the sacrifice I chose to make for this weight loss.


5 thoughts on “Hair Loss

  1. I saw your blog reference from the closed group on Facebook. Wow! I have not had any hair loss. Yet.

  2. This may be a hard question to answer..but..if we are going to lose 1/2 of our hair, would it be less noticeable to keep my hair long and wear in a ponytail,, or cut it short? Seems short would make me look bald since I am blonde..I’m really not looking forward to this part, but I too am willing to make this temporary sacrifice..at least I hope it’s temporary..at my age it may be permanent…Yikes..LOL

  3. I am two months out today, and am starting to see the hair loss too. We had to put Drano in the tub the other day because the hair I’m losing clogged the drain. :/

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