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Nuts N’ More Product Review

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If you follow me on my journey – you probably know that I am a proponent of the healthy fats. Someday, I’ll post about what healthy fats do for you, but for now, we talk about Nuts N’ More. I found out about Nuts N’ More a few months back, but finally got my hands on it! Let’s just say, I’m one happy sleever. This product gave me exactly what I wanted – healthy fats from almonds, with a fiber and protein oomph! Yeah, that’s right, this stuff is loaded with fiber and whey protein isolate. How awesome is that!? Well, I’ll tell you how awesome it is! It’s still got the typical calorie count for nut butters (233 per 2 TBS), but 5 out of 6 carbs come from fiber, and there is a whopping 14 grams of protein. Much higher than just plain old almond butter. What’s even better is it is sweetened with Xylitol so it has no added sugars. Without even considering the extra health benefits of this almond butter over others… I’ve got to say this is a yummy one. They also have fun flavors like chocolate coconut almond butter which is next on my list to try! Don’t be shocked – the stuff is pricey – but I think it’s worth it for the product – and they also got a deal on Shark Tank recently, so hopefully business will pick up and the prices will drop soon! More information on their website.


One thought on “Nuts N’ More Product Review

  1. This looks very good. I would like to try it. thanks.

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