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Ostrim Product Review

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Jerky and various “meat sticks” as I affectionately call them are staples for many of us dieters and in particular WLS patients. Today, I’m reviewing Ostrim products. Thanks to Ostrim, I got to try out a variety of their products. Ostrim has sticks, “jerkee”, and Paleo trail mix.

Otrim Jerkee
Let’s talk nutrition. The Ostrim Beef and Ostrich Jerkee, pepper flavor for example, has 60 calories, 3 carbs, and 10 protein. That’s an excellent calorie to protein ratio! I liked the flavor in the jerkees. The seasoning was good, however I was not a fan of the texture. My preference for jerkee is something that is not processed and this is. I’d rather have a piece of jerky that has not been ground and processed, but that is just personal preference.  The flavor is great and nutrition facts are ideal for a weight loss patient!

Ostrim Sticks
Let’s start with nutrition for these too. The Ostrim Sticks also have excellent nutrition facts. The Natrual Sticks have 80 calories, 2 carbs, and 14 protein.  Again, great calorie to protein ratio and low in carbs. Flavors vary of course mostly depending on the sugar content. The sticks I love. They have enough texture to give you something good to chew without being difficult to digest for WLS patients. These do a fairly good job at filling me up and are an excellent snack or meal option to provide lots of protein. Ostrim sticks come in beef, elk, ostrich, and a variety of flavors.

Ostrim Paleo Trail Mix
I personally did not get to try this product due to my severe cashew allergy, but my dad tried it and gave me a little recap of the experience. Good flavor, interested combination of nuts, jerky, cranberries. The only note was that due to the combination of nuts and jerky some of the crispness of the nuts was lost.

Overall, Ostrim products provide a great source of protein with great flavors. Excellent calorie to protein ratios make Ostrim products great options for WLS patients and weight loss patients. Visit their website for more information.


One thought on “Ostrim Product Review

  1. I really enjoy the Ostrim Turkey sticks but have never tried any other of their meat sticks.

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