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Protein Pumpkin Mocha

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Protein Pumpkin Mocha

Protein Pumpkin Mocha

This is a protein drink I’ve been having daily since fall weather hit. I’m addicted! One of the best protein drinks I’ve come up with. I change around the amounts based on my mood for the day – more mocha, more pumpkin, etc. but this is the general idea.

Heat 8 oz Almond Plus with 2 tablespoons of Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie Spice Creamer. Mix 2 scoops of Click Espresso Mocha with a small amount of water in a blender bottle to form a paste or thick mixture. Mix this paste into the hot liquid and enjoy! If you choose to blender bottle the hot mixture, which I don’t recommend doing, be careful! It will cause a bit of a pressure increase. Don’t stick it close to your face when opening! The paste mixed into the hot liquid with a spoon works much better in my opinion.


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