A Sleeve Journey

The Time is Now

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Month Two Visit

I had my second monthly visit at school since I go to school too far away from home to go see my family doctor. This visit was two sided. On one part, the nurse who was working with me was very negative towards me and what I was doing. I definitely think she crossed a boundary and if she didn’t agree with it, that she should have shut up and done her job, which was to get my weight and move on with her day. That got me a little down about the visit, but luckily the receptionist there had had a sleeve and was so excited for me! I’m grateful that I didn’t just get the negative Nelly, since there are always going to be people out there who know someone whose friend’s mother’s sister’s cousin had a bad experience with weight loss surgery years ago.


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One Month Visit

When I got back from Morocco I went for my first monthly visit with my family doctor. Though I was already done with all my pre-op testing, I had yet to mention this to my family doctor. It’s not like I was avoiding it – it just happened that way with my trip. My family doctor has never said anything about my weight – ever. Same goes for my mother and grandmother who also see him and are also obese. I was glad to hear he agreed with my decision though and has never judged anyone of my family. He’ there to answer questions and talk if you bring it up, but he keeps his mouth shut if you don’t – which is lovely compared to the ass hole endocrines I’ve been seeing over the past couple years.

The first endocrine I saw (for my insulin resistance) was as large as I was and yet found it acceptable to walk in the room and immediately start criticizing me for my weight. After a year of dealing with this horrid man, I found another endocrine. I found her to be just as irritating. When I told her about my issues of diarrhea when I eat low carb, she denied that it was a side effect. “No that doesn’t happen.” Well, I’m telling you it does. I’ve been on and off low carb for probably 5 years now and I always joke around with my mom that I can tell when I’m doing a good job if my ass is exploding. Within a week of eating low carb, things start to go downhill. About a day or two after eating carbs things start to regulate. For me, eating a low carb diet causes this – and my endocrine would not accept that. She told me to read some book and get gastric bypass and it would be all better. Though I was already thinking of lapband at the time, she told me that only bypass would help my endocrine issues – which is completely untrue.

After these experiences, it’s nice to be able to go to my family doctor who answers my questions and supports me without telling me I’m wrong or telling me that if I’d just put in an honest effort I wouldn’t be this way. Thankfully, I lost a couple pounds in Morocco and for the first time in a couple years was able to be weighed on the scale at my family doctor that only goes up to 350. A very happy moment indeed.