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P28 High Protein Bagels, Bread, Flat Bread and Spreads Review

P28 products are on my list of favorite high protein alternative finds. P28 offers a range of high protein, low carb bread products and nut butter spreads. Though I wouldn’t consider using these products if you’re a relatively new WLSer, for those close to or at goal, these are a great bread “substitute”. Watch my video review here or read below for more info with links!

P28 flat bread were the first P28 product that I found. I’ve been using their flat breads for quite sometime now. I found them one day at Wegman’s and was thrilled with the 28 grams of protein in one wrap. These wraps, for the record, are HUGE. And I would never actually eat an entire one in one sitting. They are fairly thick and about the size of a small cookie sheet, so I find them absolutely ideal for pizza crusts – essentially now my sole purpose for P28 wraps.

P28 bagels bring bagels back into my post-WLS life. I hadn’t consumed a bagel since pre-surgery until I found P28 bagels. They have a unique taste and are a bit on the chewy side pre-toast. A bit sweet – but not confining to be a sweet bagel. I made an amazing bagel breakfast sandwich with turkey sausage, cheese, and eggs on one of these. Packed with protein and crazy filling – luckily I have someone to share with! On it’s own, with butter, or various flavors of cream cheese, the options for these high protein bagels are endless and a much healthier option than just any bagel you could pick up at the donut shop.

P28 bread is probably the most versatile of the P28 line. I have endless ideas for what I could do with this stuff – and I can’t wait to try! Half a slice with some nut butter and a Greek yogurt has become a favorite breakfast choice for me. Half a slice with some nut butter is also excellent for a pre-workout snack. The slices are huge, so even for a sandwich just one slice cut in half would do for any WLS patient. The bread, like the bagels, are a bit on the “dark side” and have a slight sweetness to them, but don’t think there’s any savory idea you couldn’t work with with this bread. You can’t beat this stuff – 130 calories and 14 grams of protein.

All of the P28 bread options have 28 grams of protein per serving – though a WLS patient should not expect to be able to eat a full serving of any of these, especially if they are accompanying something else. The main protein source is whey protein isolate – a huge plus for all of us WLSers.  The links to each individual product above has full nutrition facts in the tabs.

P28 spreads – P28 spreads are nutritionally similar to any other no sugar added spread – with the addition of 14 grams of whey protein isolate per serving. These are a great option for healthy fats plus added protein. Generally speaking – they are not my very favorite option for high protein spreads, but they are pretty good. I do love the white chocolate peanut butter and their signature blend with cinnamon, cranberry, sunflower seeds, flax, and honey is also really good. For the regular peanut butter or almond butter, I’d probably go elsewhere – again with me – a texture thing. If you’ve had Nut’s N More – you should know what I’m talking about when I say really really smooth for a peanut/almond butter, but almost gritty like. Not my favorite. That white chocolate though – that will be finding a place on my self soon. My real complaint with these is that you have to buy 4 jars at a time. That’s a whole lot for someone whose had WLS and is likely consuming less than 1200 cal/day for the rest of their life.

I highly suggest ordering a trial pack from their website – this will give you everything I showed in the video (one of each type of bread, and a little sample of each type of spread). You can also use their store locator (US) online to find where their products are closest to you! For Canada click here, or UK here.

Thanks, P28, for the sample pack and providing high protein bread and spread options to us WLS patients!


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EPIC Bar Review

Forever ago, I made a video (click here to watch!) reviewing Epic Bars. As a follow-up after consuming the entirety of bars, here’s some additional comments:

EPIC Bars, in theory to me, where the greatest invention ever. I still think they are pretty great, but I honestly can’t get myself to actually purchase them — only because of the texture. These bars are tasty, have wholesome ingredients, are loaded with protein and healthy fats, and are a quick and easy snack to have stached in the purse or car for when you need something healthy and fast. My only issue is texture. This is coming from someone who is incredibly picky about texture – so I encourage you to try them for yourself. When I think meat in a snack type form, I think jerky or similar. This bar is not. EPIC bars are a soft protein bar – think soft, moist, ground meat. For me, I just couldn’t get over that kind of texture in a shelf stable bar combined with nuts and other ingredients. Just wasn’t my thing — however, I really do encourage you to try them for yourself. I often see EPIC Bars and really wish I had liked the texture because I loved the taste, protein, healthy fats, and convinence. Maybe someday, I’ll grow up and eat all my veggies despite my distain for their texture and then I’ll like EPIC Bars. Visit their website for more information.

Thanks to Taylor and the entire EPIC team for the samples of a great product!

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Ostrim Product Review

Jerky and various “meat sticks” as I affectionately call them are staples for many of us dieters and in particular WLS patients. Today, I’m reviewing Ostrim products. Thanks to Ostrim, I got to try out a variety of their products. Ostrim has sticks, “jerkee”, and Paleo trail mix.

Otrim Jerkee
Let’s talk nutrition. The Ostrim Beef and Ostrich Jerkee, pepper flavor for example, has 60 calories, 3 carbs, and 10 protein. That’s an excellent calorie to protein ratio! I liked the flavor in the jerkees. The seasoning was good, however I was not a fan of the texture. My preference for jerkee is something that is not processed and this is. I’d rather have a piece of jerky that has not been ground and processed, but that is just personal preference.  The flavor is great and nutrition facts are ideal for a weight loss patient!

Ostrim Sticks
Let’s start with nutrition for these too. The Ostrim Sticks also have excellent nutrition facts. The Natrual Sticks have 80 calories, 2 carbs, and 14 protein.  Again, great calorie to protein ratio and low in carbs. Flavors vary of course mostly depending on the sugar content. The sticks I love. They have enough texture to give you something good to chew without being difficult to digest for WLS patients. These do a fairly good job at filling me up and are an excellent snack or meal option to provide lots of protein. Ostrim sticks come in beef, elk, ostrich, and a variety of flavors.

Ostrim Paleo Trail Mix
I personally did not get to try this product due to my severe cashew allergy, but my dad tried it and gave me a little recap of the experience. Good flavor, interested combination of nuts, jerky, cranberries. The only note was that due to the combination of nuts and jerky some of the crispness of the nuts was lost.

Overall, Ostrim products provide a great source of protein with great flavors. Excellent calorie to protein ratios make Ostrim products great options for WLS patients and weight loss patients. Visit their website for more information.

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Nuts N’ More Product Review

If you follow me on my journey – you probably know that I am a proponent of the healthy fats. Someday, I’ll post about what healthy fats do for you, but for now, we talk about Nuts N’ More. I found out about Nuts N’ More a few months back, but finally got my hands on it! Let’s just say, I’m one happy sleever. This product gave me exactly what I wanted – healthy fats from almonds, with a fiber and protein oomph! Yeah, that’s right, this stuff is loaded with fiber and whey protein isolate. How awesome is that!? Well, I’ll tell you how awesome it is! It’s still got the typical calorie count for nut butters (233 per 2 TBS), but 5 out of 6 carbs come from fiber, and there is a whopping 14 grams of protein. Much higher than just plain old almond butter. What’s even better is it is sweetened with Xylitol so it has no added sugars. Without even considering the extra health benefits of this almond butter over others… I’ve got to say this is a yummy one. They also have fun flavors like chocolate coconut almond butter which is next on my list to try! Don’t be shocked – the stuff is pricey – but I think it’s worth it for the product – and they also got a deal on Shark Tank recently, so hopefully business will pick up and the prices will drop soon! More information on their website.