A Sleeve Journey

The Time is Now

Hospital Stay

For some people, my take on this is going to seem crazy. I see people with bags full of stuff to take to the hospital. I barely took anything and found it was plenty. All I took with me was a change of clothes to go home in, chapstick, and my phone charger. Let’s face it, you’re going to be sleeping most of the time. Recovering. You don’t need tons of things with you. Make it easy and grab those three things and you’ll be set.

Ask your surgeon’s office before hand how long you’ll be there and what to expect on those days. Knowing that was “routine” beforehand was helpful. For me that meant, first day surgery, second day leak test in the morning – if no leak start consuming liquids, third day drink at least 4 oz per hour to prove you can stay hydrated without an IV and then you were good to go. Something about knowing the game plan before hand makes everything less intimidating. If they don’t tell you things like this beforehand, don’t be afraid to ask! You are entitled to know absolutely everything about how this surgery is going to happen.


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