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Protein Shakes

These are protein shakes I personally like and would recommend as being a quality product for post-op WLS life.

My general rule for shakes is 100 calories should have 20 protein. Ones on here that do not meet that criteria are noted and how I make them meet that standard is also listed. I also shoot for 5 grams of carbs or less per serving of a protein powder, with rare exception will I use something with more. Again, it is usually added to something else to pack more protein in and “dilute” the carb ratio. Additionally, for the most part, as in 98% of the time, I stick to high quality whey protein isolate as it is the most easily absorbed and used by our bodies.

Isopure Zero Carb
Oh, I can hear the gags now! Yes, most people try one swig of this stuff and vow to never let it cross their lips again. I’m a little more stubborn than that – and I am eternally grateful that I am! I persisted. I tried all the flavors and gagged them down until I found the lonely one flavor that I could tolerate as long as it was ice cold. I forced it down until I actually started to like it! Yes, that’s right, I now officially enjoy my daily half bottle of Apple Mellon Isopure. Especially when you’re on clear liquids this stuff helps! Plus, it’s a nice change from the “milky”  chocolate and vanilla repeats. One bottle of the stuff has 160 calories, 40 protein, and 0 carbs. It’s a great supplement, especially for after workouts! Isopure also has the shakes that you typically think of -the milky kind – but those I can’t even chug down. Absolutely foul to me. Link.

This is one of my favorites by far. It’s yummy! To me, it doesn’t have the slightest bit of an after taste. The chocolate splendor tastes almost like Nesquick (I think – I was never a chocolate milk fan growing up). Point is, it’s super yummy and has great stats! One scoop has 100 calories, 20 protein, and 4 carbs. Unjury is only available online, but they offer a great sample pack before you commit! They even include a bottle and thermometer for their chicken soup protein which they don’t tell you about! I was also impressed with the tissue paper lining to the sample box! Small things excite me – but real story here is that Unjury is by far one of the BEST protein powders out there. Oh, and did I mention NOTHING comes from China! Oh yeah, China free! Makes you feel confident in the quality standards! Link.

Gold Standard
Gold Standard truly does set a gold standard. This is a quality product with astonishing stats! One scoop provides 24g protein with only 120 calories and 3 carbs. That is a shake packed with protein right there. And even better, this stuff tastes yum! It is not very sweet and provides a subtle flavor when you’re not looking for something to overtake your taste buds. It also serves as a great base for smoothies. I use both the Gold Standard Whey and Gold Standard Casein. Casein is best used at night as it is slower to be used by the body and can prevent some of the muscle loss that happens overnight due to lack of protein. Link.

I was so excited when Nature’s Best announced this because I know their products are high quality and always low on carbs and high in protein. I wasn’t disappointed in the least. JavaPro is a coffee protein drink. I love this stuff because it’s “thin”, unlike a lot of chocolate or vanilla shakes. Adding coffee, coffee extract, or instant coffee to those is good – but this stuff is essentially the same as drinking a coffee. It’s not thick like most shakes. I love this stuff on ice or blended up with ice. 110 cal/ 20 protein/ 2 carb. Link. 

Syntrax Nectar
Good quality whey protein isolate in a plethora of flavors you don’t see anywhere else – things like lemonaid and fuzzy navel! At 100 calories and 24 protein per scoop, these shakes are an excellent choice! Many websites will offer sample packs, which I recommend before committing to a tub of one flavor (true with any protein for that matter!).  Link.

Personally, I’m in love with Spartos protein water. This stuff tastes like a lightly flavored fruity drink such as Life Water. It’s loaded with whey protein isolate which I can’t taste at all in these things. The only problem I have with Spartos is paying for it. It’s not cheap which keeps me away most of the time. Hopefully they can bring down their price someday. Link.





Pure Protein


Less used:

EAS Carb Control
I get these EAS shakes ready made.  They are super convenient to have in the fridge and grab on the way out the door if necessary. They have a fairly “bland” flavor which sometimes I like. Sometimes, the other shakes just have too much flavor and I find myself wanting something with a little less oomph. Downfall to these are that they are not entirely whey protein isolate. These are a great option to have in your protein arsenal! Link.

This is not the *best* protein when I’m looking for a protein packed shake, but it offers a diversity that is wonderful. The espresso flavors are super yummy and can be used hot or cold. Often, because there is less protein and more carbs than other shakes I choose (still not bad by most standards)  I will actually mix a scoop of this in with another chocolate or vanilla shake with more protein. Adds a great flavor and then is super protein packed! Link.


One thought on “Protein Shakes

  1. Glad to know I’m not the only one who can tolerate Isopure Zero Carb! I like the orange one, and I drink it cut with water over ice. Then it tastes like gatorade to me.

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