A Sleeve Journey

The Time is Now

Post-Op Gadgets

These are some things I find to be important or useful for a post-op WLS life.

Food Scale
Studies show that those who track their food intake (including weighing and measuring) are much more successful than those who do not. I’m sure I will make a video someday on more reasons why I believe tracking along with weighing and measuring your food are important, but if you don’t believe me go talk to successful long term WLS patients or read some studies on them. Tracking and measuring is essential. Invest in a digital food scale. They aren’t expensive (I got mine for $10) and will end up being one of your most useful weapons on this quest to a healthy life.

Blender Bottle
Oh yes. You’re going to look like one of those bone heads at the gym with their blender bottle (yes, I really did just say that). But seriously, a bender bottle will do you wonders! It’s the quickest way to shake up some protein on the go. I usually scoop out some in the morning and throw it in my bag. Then whenever I may need a shake – just add water! Having things on hand that are WLS friendly is incredibly important to staying on plan and this is a great way to do that.


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