A Sleeve Journey

The Time is Now


Information on this page is provided for a reference. These are what I am required to take or take on my own. Check with your surgeon for your specific plan.

My surgeon’s mandatory vitamin regimen:

1. Multi-Vitamin

  • 1-2 per day with meals
  • 2 children’s chewable or 1 adult chewable or liquid. Once regular diet is returned a regular (non-chewable) adult multi-vitamin or prenatal vitamin.
  • Multi-vitamins will help ensure that you are getting enough of the micronutrients you need.
  • No interactions.
  • Gummy vitamins do not provide the necessary vitamins in adequate amounts. Consider finding a multi-vitamin specifically for bariatric patients or make sure your multi which has adequate amounts of all necessary micronutrients.

2. Vitamin B-12

  • 500 micrograms tablet or sublingual daily or 1000 micrograms monthly of injectable B12
  • Any sublingual, tablet, or monthly injection is acceptable
  • Helps with blood cell and nerve function, digestion, and absorption of food and protein synthesis. Deficiency may cause certain types of anemia.
  • No interactions.

3.  Calcium citrate with Vitamin D-3

  • 1200-1500 mg daily. Best absorbed in doses of 500-600 at a time.
  • Take with meals.
  • Citrical +D or any equivalent brand with calcium citrate.
  • Citrate is better absorbed since it doesn’t require the acid from your stomach to be absorbed.
  • Maintains bone strength, helps heart to pump correctly, and repairs soft tissue.
  • Caffeine, spinach, and whole grains may decrease absorption.

Additional vitamins I take:

1. Biotin

  • Supposedly helps with hair regrowth, though doesn’t seem to affect me.
  • 2/day

2. B-Complex

  • 1/day

3. D

  • 1/day (because my labs were low)

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